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One month ago, when I launched my campaign for Mayor, I pledged that should you put your faith in me, I would be a Mayor for ALL of Chicago.  I said that in order for our city to be truly world class, we must have world class blocks, world class neighborhoods, and world class communities.  Then and only then will Chicago be a city for all Chicagoans.

Since that time, I have been visiting, interacting with, and most importantly listening to the citizens of Chicago.  Every community has hopes and dreams that deserve to be heard, shared and acted upon and that is my goal, should you entrust me to serve our city.

Since my announcement, I was privileged to celebrate Polish Constitution Day with our Polish American brothers and sisters.  In addition, I was a special guest of the Polish Consulate General during the visit of the President of the Republic of Poland; I visited Greektown during the Greek Independence Day Parade; spent time with Pakistani residents of  Rogers Park, and I celebrated  Asian American/Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

I interacted with young people on 79th Street during a Prayer Walk; met with activist on 63rd Street and met with the Building Relationship In Justice Embassy members on 87th Street during an On The Table Breakfast.  I talked with Latinos during an event held to raise funds to help save individuals’ homes from foreclosure.   Met with ex-offenders on the South and Southwest sides of Chicago; discussed the need for hope with men and women on the Westside of Chicago; discussed the issues facing Chicago with citizens on the Northside; met with Muslim leaders to hear their concerns about our city; joined members of Greek letpater organizations at Sox Park; and celebrated with Italian Americans at an awards program.

Everyone’s concerns are understandably similar – properly educating our children, spurring business and economic development, creating more jobs and reducing crime, and addressing affordable housing and homelessness.

One thing I know to be true, we need a holistic approach that embraces the inter-dependency of problems that plaque the 77 communities that make up our city.  A great Illinoisan once said “a house divided cannot stand.”  I offer that neither can a city.  As I continue to visit residents across Chicago I will keep you informed, and then share what I have learned in our comprehensive platform for real change.   Our goal remains to bring Respect – Pride – Change and #Hope to all Chicago.

– Dorothy Brown

Candidate for Mayor of the City of Chicago

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