Dorothy Brown submits petitions and officially joins the race for mayor of Chicago

Dorothy Brown submits petitions and officially joins the race for mayor of Chicago


(CHICAGO) – Mayoral candidate Dorothy Brown delivered over 25,000 petitions to the Chicago Board of Elections this morning making her an official entrant into the Chicago mayoral race.   Despite citywide blizzard conditions, a large  and diverse group of Chicago citizens joined her for the petition drop off.  Asked about the number of petitions she delivered, Brown offered that because her campaign rigorously vetted the petitions she is confident that she has delivered a sufficient number to survive any forthcoming challenges.  Further, she said she will be looking at submissions by her competitors in the race.

The press’ line of questioning was driven by those same blizzard conditions, and focused on weather, roads, potholes and even Chicagoan’s infamous habit of saving parking spaces with chairs and other household items.  Brown was not familiar with the practice, as it seldom happens in her neighborhood where parking is more plentiful, yet she shared a laugh with reporters about the ritual.

Most importantly, Brown reiterated her pledge to make Chicago a city that works for ‘all’ its citizens.  At the core of all this is her deeply held commitment to bring respect, pride, change and hope to all Chicagoans. “My goal is to engage the many stakeholders that value our city and desire to work collaboratively in achieving change for all people,” said Brown.

From the beginning of her campaign Brown has stressed that she is the ‘people’s candidate,” not one controlled by powerful individuals or special interests.

Brown campaign  platform has been built on three pillars, educational excellence, economic development and community health and wealth building,  and a fair and equitable criminal justice system.  You can learn more about her campaign platform by visiting

Follow the campaign on Social Media using the hashtag #Hope4AllChicago