Dorothy Brown on the ouster of 100 CPS employees with flawed background checks

Statement from Candidate Dorothy Brown on the ouster of 100 CPS employees with flawed background checks

The Tribune’s Juan Perez’s piece on the over 100 Chicago Public Schools employees ousted after their most recent background checks again speaks to CPS’s ineptness at keeping our young people safe. It was only because of the Tribune’s investigation that we learned about the lack of sufficient checks and reporting that exposed students to educators with criminal convictions some for sex crimes.

While we realize the complexity associated with running a system of more than 68,000 employees, vendors, and volunteers, we also realize the devastation that can be caused in a young person’s life when he or she is abused by an adult.  CPS must provide as much transparency to this process as possible without skirting privacy concerns, and they must make the CTU a partner in keeping our children safe.

CPS has said they have taken unprecedented steps in rechecking all employees, but I offer that they must go even further to ensure that there are proper procedures in place to provide checks of new employees, vendors and volunteers, and just as important, ongoing re-checking of these same individuals.

My experience in running and working with large, complex organizations gives me a basis for tackling the hard problems facing CPS, be they governance issues, school closings, technology upgrades, reinvigorating neighborhood schools or working with local school councils.

I believe CPS can be a model for high quality education, but certainly that will not happen should we continue down our current path.  As Mayor of the city of Chicago I will work to make our vision for a high quality educational system for every child in Chicago a reality.  They deserve nothing less.

Statement attributable to Chicago Mayoral Candidate Dorothy Brown, November 20, 2018.  Visit www.dorothyformayor for details on the campaign.  

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