Bogus polls leave out Candidate Dorothy Brown’s name

Mayoral Candidate Dorothy Brown takes aim at bogus polls

There have been several polls reported recently where my name has been completely, and it appears, deliberately omitted. However, in stark contrast, the polls that our campaign team have been taking as we circulate our petitions paint a much different picture, one that says we are doing very well.

Chicagoans from every community, every ethnic group and every walk of life are responding positively to my candidacy and signing our petitions.With these arbitrarily reported polls, it appears that someone is trying to take the city back to “business as usual.” Whoever is conducting these polls seems to have forgotten that I am the candidate with 18 years of executive governmental experience, I am the candidate with proven leadership skills, and I am the most qualified candidate. My candidacy is about real change for every citizen of Chicago.

Be assured that should they continue conducting these self-interest polls, and faking their positioning in this race, I will continue to take my campaign directly to the citizens of Chicago as I have been doing for the last several months. My goal remains to talk to voters throughout Chicagoland and document their concerns, and their hopes for a better Chicago. Hope4AllChicago.

Statement attributable to Dorothy Brown, candidate for Mayor of the City of Chicago

September 10, 2018
#Hope4AllChicago #DorothyForMayor #YouCanCountOnMe