Dorothy Brown urges criminal and social justice reform

Candidate Dorothy Brown urges criminal and social justice reform, coupled with high-quality education, economic development, and jobs to stem tide of violence

This past weekend we reached an unimaginable milestone of gun violence in our city, with 73 people shot and 11 killed. As in past occurrences, most of the victims were children, teens and young adults on the south and west sides. First and foremost, I grieve with these families who are dealing with the injury and death of their loved ones. I am a mother, and it is unfathomable for me to conceive of sending my child out for an evening and then never seeing her again. But I am also angry, and I think all Chicagoans should be angry by the violence plaguing our city. It is not up to one precinct, or one neighborhood, or even one community to bear the burden to fix this problem.No Chicagoan should fear for his or her life.

I know there is no quick fix for this issue, and yes there must be more done to stop the flow of guns into our city, but most importantly we must fix the social ills that plague our city. These same youth that are engaged in this violence must be provided a high-quality education, there must be fair and equitable economic development for all neighborhoods that lead to jobs. They must have an alternative to crime. They must be able to take care of their families.

Finally, I will work toward criminal and social justice reform that reshapes the entire criminal justice system, from the police to the jails, to the courtroom, to the prisons. We all must work together to fix this problem!

Statement attributable to Dorothy Brown, candidate for Mayor of the City of Chicago

August 6, 2018.


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