The Mayor’s Promise to invest Nearly $1 Billion In Schools Is an Election Year Stunt

The Mayors Promise to invest Nearly 1 Billion Dollars In Schools Is an Election Year Stunt

Mayoral Challenger Dorothy Brown Says the Mayor’s Promise to invest Nearly $1 Billion In Schools Is an Election Year Stunt

In another attempt to feign his concern in the continuing saga of the mis-education of our children, the Mayor announced yesterday that a new $70 million high school building will be going up SOMEWHERE on the Near West Side as part of nearly $1 billion in school infrastructure funding.  This announcement is clearly an election year distraction and our children deserve better.

The litany of issues facing CPS continues to grow:

  • The still unfolding sexual abuse scandal and cover up;
  • The sharing of students’ and families’ information through a CPS data breach;
  • Continued promises to provide free Pre-Schools for every four year-old.  The same pledge was made in In 2014, when private investors were asked to loan the city money to expand early childhood programs for 3- and 4-year-olds;
  • A lack of special education services that leave our most vulnerable students struggling to get an education;
  • Outsourcing services, for school maintenance, that have left schools trash filled and filthy;
  • The closing of schools;
  • Many students testing below grade level; and
  • Many high school graduates exiting the system unprepared for college.

A lack of a clear CPS growth plan that offers details on locations and funding, with no clear guarantee of equity in education for all students is not what the city of Chicago needs.  A dynamic, rigorous education for all our children, that helps  stem the violence in our city, should be the goal for ALL of Chicago, and one that I will diligently strive for as Mayor.

Statement attributable to Dorothy Brown, candidate for Mayor of the City of Chicago 


July 7, 2018