The mayor is being disingenuous in supporting Fr. Pfleger’s peace march at eleventh hour

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Dorothy Brown charges Mayor with being disingenuous in supporting Fr. Pfleger’s peace march at eleventh hour

I was privileged to be a part of The Faith Community of Saint Sabina’s Annual End of the School Year Peace March & Rally last month, and I have been a longtime supporter of all of Father Pfleger’s efforts, including the march on the Dan Ryan, to call attention to the violence in the city of Chicago.  I find it disingenuous of the Mayor to wait until the 11th hour to express his support for the march after CPD First Deputy Superintendent  Anthony Riccio sought to have the group re-route the march to streets on the south side.  Out of sight, out of mind.  It is clear, after making little to no progress in stemming the tide of violence in the city, that the Mayor is using his support of Fr. Pfleger’s march as an election season ploy.

A clean, safe and high quality academically rigorous school system, community investment, economic development, and jobs offering a livable wage, will help stem the tide of violence in our city. After two terms in office the current Mayor has made little to no headway on these issues.  Although some investment continues, they are not fair and equitable in all areas of the city.  From my perspective it is too little, too late, and the residents of Chicago will not be fooled by press conferences announcing new investments, even the recent almost $1 billion dollars promised for the school system this Friday, that should have been made years ago.

The issues are abundantly clear – violence in our communities, sexual abuse in our schools, gentrification displacing families, lack of economic investment where it is needed most, and even a lack of attention to cleaning our schools.  Chicago residents should not be forced to wait for an election year for the Mayor to keep his promises.  Our citizens deserve better, and that is my promise, to build a better city for all Chicagoans.  #HopeForAllChicago.

Statement attributable to Dorothy Brown, candidate for Mayor of the City of Chicago 

July 7, 2018

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