Dorothy Brown Live Interview with WCPT 820 at the Chicago Pride Parade

Once again I was happy to celebrate The 49th annual Gay & Lesbian Pride Parade in our beautiful city of Chicago.


Kerry D’Auben (WCPT 820): Hi I’m out here with Dorothy Brown Dorothy you are mayoral candidate this year tell us why you’re running and what how you want to help the city of Chicago.

Candidate for Mayor Dorothy Brown:

You know, the first thing I want to do is to help our children. We need to improve our educational system, we need to have a magnet school type education for all of our children. Our parents should not have to fight to get into a magnet school. Then I want to have an economic development plan that helps all of Chicago, not just some of Chicago.

I want to have an economic development plan for all sectors so that we can have community involvement.

And then we need to reduce the crime in our city, and I want to put together a leadership and governance of the Chicago Police Department.

Proper training, proper supervision, community involvement, community policing to help the city of  Chicago reduce the crime that’s occurring here.


Kerry D’Auben (WCPT 820): That’s a great platform Dorothy thank you so much for talking to WCPT.

Candidate for Mayor Dorothy Brown:

All right happy Pride.

WPCT 820:  That was mayoral candidate Dorothy Brown. Thank you very much Kerry. And Dorothy, you know, makes a great point you know, without education we are nowhere. And everybody deserves a great education no matter the color of their skin or what neighborhood where they live.

So I’m thrilled that she has put that on her you know, that as one of her main priorities educating everybody.


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I was joined by friends, neighbors, churches, community organizations, and thousands of individuals to celebrate the gains the LGBTQ community has made. I thank my friend and LGBTQ activist Rick Garcia for all of his support and for walking with me at the Chicago Pride Parade this Sunday. 
Also, thanks to our friends at WCPT 820 Chicago Progressive Talk for giving me the opportunity to speak to Chicagoans about my priorities for the City of Chicago.

I have had a long history of standing with and advocating for the LGBTQ Community and I am happy to say that Chicago, Cook County and the state of Illinois have some of the strongest anti-discrimination legislation in the country.  Those gains make our great city even greater and I am proud to have been part of that and will continue to make sure that each and every Chicagoan is treated with the dignity, respect and fairness under the law that is rightfully theirs.

Happy pride to everyone!

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