Separating immigrant parents from their children is not who we are

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Separating immigrant parents from their children does not reflect who we are as a nation

Father’s Day provided us time to reflect on family and the strength that can be drawn from being a part of a strong family unit.  Yet the U.S. Attorney General’s office has instituted a  zero-tolerance policy of prosecuting people for violating immigration laws that now results in parents and children being separated at the border.

Already there have been almost 2,000 instances of families being separated by this draconian interpretation of the law.  And contrary to what we’ve been led to believe there is no provision in the current immigration law that requires these actions.  Rather, in the past it has been typical for families to stay together with a requirement to appear in court.  But issues around Dreamers legislation and building a border wall have led to this. Further, it is unacceptable that those fleeing domestic or gang violence are no longer considered for asylum.

Senator Diane Feinstein has introduced S. 3036: Keep Families Together Act and the House is working on a bill as well.  As your Mayor I will continue our city’s proud status as a Sanctuary City, providing safe harbor to hardworking individuals and families regardless of where they were born.

We can expect extended litigation around this issue, but in the meantime, we must express to our lawmakers that these rules are cruel, heartless and do not reflect who we are as a city or a nation.  Make your voice heard and call your lawmakers to protest these actions now.

Statement attributable to Dorothy Brown, candidate for Mayor of the City of Chicago 

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June 18, 2018

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