The High Speed transit tunnel proposal Is a calculated distraction and smoke screen from the CPS sexual abuse scandal

The High Speed transit tunnel proposal Is a calculated distraction and smoke screen from the CPS sexual abuse scandal

The Mayor is set to announce today that Elon Musk’s Boring company is proposing to build high-speed transit tunnels to O’Hare. This announcement, at this time, when we have the tragic issue before us about the sexual assault of our children, appear to be more of a distraction and smokescreen.   The Mayor and CPS need to be laser focused on protecting our children. Nothing has been proposed to date that gives children that may be involved in sexual assault situations right now a way out.

High speed transit is certainly an important component to building a 21st century city and one that will be a priority for a Brown administration.  However, when we dig a little deeper here are some things that should give us pause:

  • With all respect to the accomplishments of Mr. Musk, Boring has yet to prove it can deliver what has been promised. Boring is working with unproven futuristic ideas and lacks construction experience.  Add to that hold ups in California and permit issues in Maryland.
  • No project is delivered for free.  What are the long term financial, regulatory, environmental, safety and liability issues we need to consider.
  • Do we need to outsource another service that takes revenues from the city like the parking meter contract and the Skyway? While having Boring bear the initial cost of building the tunnel seems encouraging what will be the long term costs to the city?
  • What was the process for selecting Boring?  Why don’t we know more about the other companies that set forth a proposal?  Did campaign donors to the current Mayor drive this decision?

I believe our city deserves to benefit from the best technological innovations across all its sectors, something I’ve championed throughout  my more than 17 years in public office. Certainly, more study is needed on this project to ensure citizens  are not left holding the bag.

Rather, I encourage the city to keep a laser focus on our children, what it takes to protect them from sexual predators, and what is needed to help them reach their full potential.   The Mayor and CPS must give children and parents a sense of hope built on concrete plans for change within the system.

Statement attributable to Dorothy Brown, candidate for Mayor of the City of Chicago 

June 14, 2018


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