Stop Playing Politics with the Lives of Our Children

Dorothy Brown For Mayor - Spanish Version


The Mayor and CPS Must Stop Playing Politics with the Lives of Our Children and Not Resist Independent Investigations

As we continue to hear more and more tragic reports of the sexual abuse and assault scandal within the Chicago Public School (CPS) system, I urge the Mayor to stop resisting having independent oversight; and to pull out all the stops to protect our children, RIGHT NOW.  The Mayor and the Chicago Public School system must not play politics with the lives of our children.

The girls and boys that may be involved in sexual abusive situations RIGHT NOW, or that may have been involved in the past but failed to report it, could be afraid of their perpetrators,  and they need to be given ways to report those incidents NOW; and not after the policies and procedures had been reviewed through a half a million dollar contract.

Ways of reporting current and even previously unreported cases of abuse need to be put in place.  I recommend that the following mechanisms are put in place immediately for students, parents and others to report sexual abuse of students:

  1. A secure web portal specifically for reporting directly to the CPS Inspector General;
  2. A dedicated and private e-mail address, with only CPS Inspector General access; and
  3. A dedicated reporting hotline, with only CPS Inspector General Access.

In addition, private counseling services for victims and their parents need to be established.

Again, I urge the Mayor and CPS to stop playing politics with the well-being of our children they are our most valuable resources and we must protect them. PLEASE TAKE ACTION NOW.

-Dorothy Brown.

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