Statement from Mayoral Candidate Dorothy Brown on lifting Illinois’ moratorium on the death penalty

Statement from Mayoral Candidate Dorothy Brown on lifting Illinois’ moratorium on the death penalty


Yesterday Governor Bruce Rauner sought to flex his Republican bona fides by suggesting that the State of Illinois rescind a moratorium on capital punishment that has been in effect for more than 18 years.  This is because candidate Bruce Rauner, facing a tough challenge to retain his office, is solely trying to align himself as a get-tough conservative on issues including crime, abortion, gun ownership and immigration.


Let’s be clear, mass murderers and people who intentionally kill law enforcement officers or any person for that matter, outside of self-defense, are among the most heinous of criminals and deserve to be taken off the streets permanently.  However, sending even one innocent person to their death is too steep a penalty to pay when the system fails to work as it often has.  Today, according to the Death Penalty Information Center, 36 states have either abolished the death penalty, placed it on hold or not performed an execution in the last five years.  There is a reason that over 70% of states in this country have taken such actions


Under his proposal, the Governor has sought to distinguish between “beyond all doubt” as opposed to “reasonable doubt” in reinstating the death penalty.  I contend that even a “beyond all doubt” standard would be flawed with the same issues that plague the “beyond the reasonable doubt” standard –  people could still lie about defendants, which could result in innocent people being put to death.  Thus, I stand on the side of humanity and advocate that we keep the moratorium in place.


Governor Rauner cannot ignore the spate of wrongful convictions that led to the moratorium in the first place, and rather should focus on criminal justice reform that could help to ensure the innocent are not lumped in with the guilty.


Dorothy Brown

Candidate for Mayor of the City of Chicago

May 18, 2018


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