WGN9 Interview with Paul M. Lisnek

Dorothy Brown for Mayor of Chicago 2019 WGN9 Paul M. Lisnek

WGN9 Interview with Paul M. Lisnek. In the interview with WGN’s Paul Lisnek’s Politics Tonight Dorothy Brown outlines her vision and plans for the City of Chicago.

Dorothy Brown talks about her campaign, highlights her extensive experience, her leadership skills and abilities, and her successes as Clerk of the Circuit Court. She outlines her plan for a trans-formative, transparent and inclusive City government.

As for education she talks of the importance of an elected school board. Regarding the financial crisis facing the city she stresses the importance of finding new streams of revenue for the city while avoiding new taxes if possible.

In terms of public safety she believes that all police, and indeed all government employees should be required to take implicit bias training.

Dorothy Brown also addresses and answers questions about an on-going investigation into her running the Circuit Clerk’s office stressing she has done nothing wrong and nothing has come from the investigation, further the citizens trust her, and consistently vote for her even while under investigation because of her integrity, experience and skills.


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