Dorothy Brown announces her candidacy for Mayor

Dorothy Brown announces candidacy for mayor of the city of Chicago to hundreds on Sunday

Brown pledges to make Chicago a world-class city for all Chicagoans, coins slogan #Hope4AllChicago

(CHICAGO) — April 23, 2018 – Hundreds of supporters brandishing signs that said “Elect Dorothy Brown Mayor” crowded into the Chicago Hilton and Towers on Sunday, April 22, to hear the newly minted mayoral candidate announce her intention to be the first African American woman to lead the city of Chicago.  The crowd at times burst into spontaneous chants of “Dorothy Brown for Mayor”, as the current Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County pledged to create a world-class city for all Chicagoans.

Before addressing the crowd, a number of supporters spoke on her behalf, representing the mosaic that is the Brown coalition –  a young millennial single mom; an entrepreneur, members of the Hispanic, East Indian and LGBT community.  “The city of Chicago spans over 228 square miles, with over 200 neighborhoods, and 77 communitiesand it is often said that Chicago is a world class city,” said Brown. Well I say, in order for Chicago to truly be a world class city, we must have world class blocks, world class neighborhoods, and world class communities, then and only then will Chicago be a world class city for all Chicagoans.

 Brown talked extensively about her leadership abilities, honed during five terms as Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County, and after being asked about her losing bid for Mayor to Richard M. Daley, said, “I don’t think the citizens of Chicago knew the real Dorothy Brown…and I believe the citizens of Chicago know they made a mistake in 2007.”

Brown, who describes herself as a techie, said, “I pledge to not just think outside of the box to find new and sustainable revenue sources, but rather we’ll create a new box, using technology and revenue generating sources that have been proven effective by cities both here and abroad.  What’s more we’ll do that without raising taxes on our citizens, thus helping to fund pensions for the dedicated men and women that work for our city.

According to Brown, yesterday’s announcement marks the beginning of her campaign, and her outreach to all Chicagoans to share with them her goals for a Chicago that works for ‘all’ citizens.  “At the core of all this is my deeply held commitment to bring respect – pride – change and #hope for all Chicago,” she said.  “My goal is to engage the many stakeholders that value our city and desire to work collaboratively in achieving change for all people.”

Brown first became Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County in 2000, and has been elected five times, most recently in 2016, by a margin of more than 14%.   She has brought revolutionary changes to the operations of the office through her focus on technology and providing effective and efficient customer focused services. She has implemented a host of innovative programs, which have streamlined processes, saving millions of dollars for taxpayers. Through her leadership more than 220M court documents are now accessible on line by judges sitting on the bench.

Brown is an attorney, a CPA and holds an MBA.

For more information on Dorothy Brown’s campaign, visit her website at You can also follow the campaign on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, @dorothyformayor.  Join the conversation using #Hope4AllChicago. Text2Give – Hope4AllChicago (773-823-0199).


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